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Les Deux Alpes in Winter

In winter we are one of the premiere ski resorts in France, with 220Kms of piste just for us. The only place we are currently linked with in any way is the off piste mecca of La Grave. From the top of our glacier (3568m) when it's safe, you can get a tow behind a piste machine over to their side of the mountain.

We have two distinct areas: Jandri & Pied Moutet.

The Pied Moutet side is steeper than the Jandri side on the whole, gets the morning sun and is not always open early and late if the snow is poor, or the temperatures have remained warm. It's great in powder and there are lines through the trees all over the place. It's also very quiet.

The Jandri side is what most people think of, with a steep face down to the village, but with a massive amount of skiing above the crest you can see (Les Cretes). There is a blue piste which has been created down to the town, but beware, it can get very crowded and parts of it are very steep for a blue. Otherwise there is a long green road and several blacks both on and off piste. There is also a red run at the Venosc end of town, but like the Pied Moutet, it's very subject to warm temperatures and lots of sun. There are areas where we can teach total beginners at every level of the mountain, and there is only one restaurant NOT accessible to pedestrians. You should be careful of the blues though; some are nice and easy and wide, but some would definitely be red in most resorts, so ask advice once you get here, particularly if you're in charge of a novice or nervous friend.

There is also a mass of lift-served off piste skiing available, particularly Le Fee and l'Echines which are vast areas.

Our ski patrol are wonderful, but if going off piste please do take advice. They won't want to spoil your skiing, but with so many off piste steeps, avalanche is always a danger. The ski patrol do a day each week, which starts off with learning how to use your ARVA and if the participants are of sufficient competence they will also take you off piste in the afternoon. This is free, and is a wonderful resource.


Les Deux Alpes in Summer

Summer skiing is certainly fun, and can be a great excuse to brush up on your technical skills. Of course the ski area is limited to the glacier, and after mid-July we will lose the Signal runs (1 blue + 2 reds). Once they're gone, we're on the main part of the glacier. A fair bit of it is taken up by the snowpark, and then there are also a lot of clubs and teams who have 'lanes' allotted to them on other parts. This does mean that until around 11.30 or so there is not much available for the casual skier. Once the snow begins to warm up, the racers leave, and then there's about 30 mins to 1 hour when you can ski up and down their areas in lovely spring snow. The skilifts close at 12.30 every day, although the Jandri Express remains open for pedestrians and mountain bikers until around 4pm.

Skiing in summer, unless you're a very serious skier, should be taken as PART of a holiday, and not the reason for it. There are a million other things to do in Les Deux Alpes apart from skiing, but it is fun and novel to ski and then come back down to 30+degrees of sunshine.

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