Easiski is really all about teaching people of all ages and athletic ability to ski or to ski better. I genuinely believe that everyone can learn to ski to a level with which they are happy. Everyone can already make all the movements required to ski, but sometimes thise movements are used differently in skiing compared with normal life.

To this end Easiski offers intensive ski coaching for all levels of skier in the hope of encouraging non skiers to become skiers, and those who are already skiers to be better skiers.

For the 2019 winter season, Easiski is again offering private lessons only and will limit the lessons to one per day.

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Les 2 Alpes is open for skiing in summer as well as in winter, and by following the link you should find more information.


Easiski manages 5 apartments for friends of mine, so clicking on the link will take you to the website with details of the apartments. The range is from 25 sq.m to 75 sq.m sleeping 4 - 8

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